Trade Finance

Finding the best financial solution

Bridging the transit time of imported or exported products often presents a challenge for working capital. But there is more to trade finance. Price arbitrage between regions is volatile and the transit time may be longer than the next price trend. The duration of production plant disruptions and force majeure situations are seldomly clear to the outside world.

The management of all of those financial risks is the key to our success. Thanks to longstanding relationships with international banks, we have been able to find solutions even in the thoughest times. Often we manage to finance deals that the producer and the consumer where not able on their own. We look for the best financial structure for each transaction taking into account the needs of both the producer and buyer. Our administrators will check the company’s rating, the facilities for the buyer, the rating of the buyer’s bank and any other risks involved.

In addition, excellent relationships with all the major banks and financial institutions in Belgium and abroad assure a strong financial position.