We deliver the chemicals you need...

Our range of products is kept limited on purpose. It allows us to have an expert view on the markets of those products that we are active with.  We believe that providing you with the right market information is the start of repeat business. After all selling raw materials is all about recurring business. Much more than one-time opportunities. But we gladly take on the challenge of finding the most difficult grade or the most unusual size for you. We can even offer very specific packing or marking; whatever your request, we'll take the challenge

International Marketing

The Chemicals & Plastics Industry is a very complex world where availability of one product is often related to other products., Oxyde acts as a facilitator between the consuming industry and producers of chemical raw materials and polymers. It assumes the expense and risk involved for producers in maintaining a presence of their own abroad.  With over 15 subsidiaries in all regions of the world , Oxyde secures access to the world’s key markets

An extensive network and in-depth market knowledge at your disposal.

We take pride in establishing long-term relationships with producers and consumers all over the world. Combining market insight, product knowledge, client understanding and a global network with local knowledge means we can offer you competitive deals upon request.

The right product at the right price.

By buying substantial volumes of a defined product range and maintaining a supply of inventories on behalf of customers in its own storage facilities, Oxyde guarantees just-in-time delivery at competitive prices. Since our foundation in 1946, we have established contact with a large portfolio of  manufacturers, suppliers, carriers and shipping companies in the world