Oxyde Chemicals is a petrochemical trading company which started in 1946 in the Netherlands. From the Netherlands the company has expanded initially through several offices in Europe and later it has developed its business in the US through an office in Houston. From the USA Oxyde then expanded into Latin America and Asia.

In 1993 Oxyde Chemicals became a founding member of the newly formed Petroplus Group. Through a management buy-out six years later Oxyde Chemicals, Inc. purchased 75% ownership of the firm. Petroplus, through its subsidiary Oxyde Chemicals B.V in the Netherlands, owned the remaining 25%. During 2006, The Noble Group acquired Oxyde Chemicals B.V., allowing Oxyde Chemicals, Inc. to keep the Oxyde company name and to separate.

Oxyde Chemicals Europe

In 2008 Oxyde Chemicals started to cooperate with Adiutor bvba to cover the European continent and by the end of 2009 a new and 100% Oxyde legal entity was created in Antwerp, Belgium to underline its commitment about being a GLOBAL trading company.

Oxyde was one of the first trading houses to recognize the potential of China and convinced a major ship owner to support Oxyde in developing its MEG-business in Asia. Currently Oxyde is one of the few trading houses that sources, stores and sells glycols in all regions of the world. From its experience with glycols, the Oxyde teams have been able to develop sales of other chemicals and plastics in the various regions and turned Oxyde into a global trading house.

In recent years the plastics division has grown and it now forms a solid part of Oxyde's recurring business in all regions of the world.