Contributing to a sustainable future

Oxyde is committed to contribute to the efforts of all of our stakeholders in safegarding our planet and offering equal changes to people in any region of the world. Across Oxyde we aim to meet the highest standards of product safety and quality.

Well-being of our staff and other people forms an integral part of our company culture. We commit to respect human rights, to fight against any form of Child Labour, to create safe and healthy workspaces and to engage our employees and stakeholders to strengthen our business. This engagements shows in the way we interact with customers, colleagues, suppliers and communities. 

The size of world scale petrochemical plants make that they are often situated in a different region than those who consume those chemicals.   The carbon dioxide emissions linked with transporting goods from the manufacturing site to the consumers are expressed as the carbon footprint of supplies. Oxyde is constantly

looking with our customers and suppliers how we can contribute in reducing such footprints. In general we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our impact on the planet and reduce risks for potable water to the benefit of  people and animals.

To make our world more sustainable in the long run we search for improvement areas in energy consumption and producers offering technologies that create less waste or even better, those than can recycle waste. In this letter we express our commitment to the Ten Principles of  the UN Global Compact.